Apartment Buildings WVC

This program gives apartment building owners a new customer base to keep units full and provides a unique way of filling excess inventory, and increasing rent roll. 

Our program typically nets apartment buildings higher profits per unit. Your HR rep can assist in putting a program to accommodate weekly housekeeping, check in and out services, and furnishings. All while significantly coming under budget. 

Payments are made automatically by wire transfer (unless requested otherwise) so that they are received AT LEAST 2 weeks prior to the start of each month. The units are paid for whether or not they are used by Hospitality Representation 

The concept is basically a long term lease with the apartment building or complex.


Our vacation members check in and out on a weekly basis. Virtually guaranteed renewals eliminate vacancies between leases. 

This program is not open to any type of property. Hospitality Representation is only interested in locations needed by the clubs where we do not have any other property, or where additional inventory is needed above what the existing property can provide