Wholesale Vacation Club Program 

"Increasing your bottom line by efficiently filling your unused inventory"

Our Wholesale Vacation Club Program is designed to increase bottom lines of our clients by filling their excess inventory with guaranteed year round reservations, regardless of season. 

Program overview:

Hospitality Representation LLC handles inventory for major and smaller vacation clubs across the USA. The vacation club industry has been changing over the past decade with inventory drying up as a result of larger flags entering a similar business. The result is a reduction of available inventory from many of the prime properties clubs utilized in the past and retaining it for their members. This created a shortage of inventory for the clubs. 

Various new methods of creating inventory were attempted during the past 7 years. As a result, a program was developed that benefitted both the clubs and the properties we represented. 

Eventually, in conjunction with some of the major clubs and clients, the program was developed whereby Hospitality Representation enters into a master lease with the property simultaneously subleasing to the various clubs totaling the same number of units. 

Hospitality Representation’s concept of working with their clients one on one in order to find ways to help them increase their bottom line and meet their other goals works perfectly with this situation.

Hospitality Representation works with the property to help them determine what inventory they can repurpose earning additional income, cutting costs where possible, and finding value added revenue streams to further maximize their benefits from the program and possibly other programs.

The benefits to the property include a guaranteed revenue stream of additional revenue they would not have otherwise had; added exposure; additional aftermarket revenues; confidentiality; not competing existing contracts for short term rentals, etc.

Hospitality Representation maintains the relationships and acts as a single intermediary. Each property is assigned a representative to always be there as a single contact as needed and to work with the property to help meet their unique situations. 

The relationships are designed to truly help each other and to look after each other’s needs. For example, if a property needs a week back to cover a conference or event where they are fully booked, they can contact their HR rep and we will try to arrange to release units back to them in exchange for some future units as needed. 

If a club needs more units during a specific week, HR will ask the property if we can lease more units at a prorated or other agreeable rate for that time. If the property cannot, then HR will work with our other clubs to see if we can arrange some ‘trading’ between the clubs for that property or properties in other locations. Thus, everyone is happy!

Hospitality Representation LLC is now expanding the program to more locations and will continue to do so over the coming years. We will generally only accept 1 property per location as long as they can meet the needs. If additional units are needed in the future, those needs will be offered to that property first. If they are not able to handle the additional requests, HR will seek an additional property to handle the added units. The concept is to maintain long standing, hopefully permanent relationships.

Locations depend on demand from the clubs. While some locations are obvious, many memberships have been in the family for multiple generations and are looking for out of the way places as well. Hospitality Representation will work with the properties to show the clubs the benefits of certain more unique locations in order to find interest. 

How the program works depends on the type of property. Hotels and Resorts, Residential Properties, Property Management Companies, Developers, Realtors, etc.  

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Hotels and Resorts

“Increase bottom line and raise RevPAR"

Although most hotels and resorts concentrate on short term they are overlooking a major potential revenue source. We assist our clients in evaluating their inventory management and helping them adjust to take advantage of programs to help increase their bottom line and RevPar.

"Designed for Condominium, Apartment, & Residential complexes to increase occupancy while raising revenue and lowering costs”

Our Wholesale Vacation Club Program now allows various types of residential properties to take advantage of a unique customer base that was previously unavailable.

“Higher revenues by maximizing occupancy”

The Wholesale Vacation Club Program enables Property Management Companies increase revenues and occupancy by adding certain features of the program.

"Providing new locations for your member with lower overhead for you"

"Significantly Increase cash flow, bottom line and financial leverage"

Join the rest of your fellow clubs in providing more locations to your members. Our program is already benefitting most of the clubs by allowing them to increase destinations as well as trade weeks and centralize payments

Implementing our WVCP will provide monthly cash flow, increase profits, and increase sales as well as providing lenders more peace of mind.

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