Residential Communities WVC

Why the program may work for you 

  • Fill vacant properties 

  • Eliminate vacancies between rentals with long-term leases

  • Eliminate marketing and broker costs between leases

  • Virtually guaranteed renewals with satisfied members

  • Corporate tenant that pays early. No notices, collections, partial payments etc.

  • Add property exposure 

  • Add existing properties as they become available in the future

  • Substitute similar properties at almost any time for any reason

  • Expansion possibilities if demand increases

  • Single point of contact for all the properties

  • Plan long term and reduce overstaffing risk

  • Eliminate vacancy factor resulting in higher gross and net revenues- marketing and broker costs, eviction costs, reduced administration costs, etc.

Why the program may not work for you 

  • Lower rental price

  • Different people using premises instead of the same tenant

  • Probably more use of pool and facilities than with typical long-term rentals