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Condo Complexes

Wholesale Vacation Club Program

Designed for Condominium Communities to increase occupancy while raising revenue and lowering costs

The Wholesale Vacation Club Program introduces a new customer base that the condominium complex owners may not have been aware of or able to reach due to limited resources.  

Essentially, we work with the condo management office, property manager or owner to furnish the units, provide weekly housekeeping and provide check in and check out services upon request. While the guests may come and go, you get paid consistently every month whether the unit is occupied or not.

The concept is basically a long term lease with the condominium complex. Our vacation members check in and out on a weekly basis. Virtually guaranteed renewals eliminate vacancies between leases. 

Payments are made automatically by wire transfer (unless requested otherwise) so that they are received AT LEAST 2 weeks prior to the start of each month. The units are paid for whether or not they are used by Hospitality Representation 

Pros and Cons for Condo or apartment complexes:


  • Payment whether units are vacant or occupied 

  • Fill vacant condos

  • Eliminate vacancies between rentals with long-term leases

  • Eliminate marketing and broker costs between leases

  • Virtually guaranteed renewals with satisfied members

  • Corporate tenant that pays early. No notices, collections, partial payments etc.

  • Add property exposure 

  • Add existing condos as they become available in the future

  • Substitute similar condos at almost any time for any reason

  • Expansion possibilities if demand increases

  • Single point of contact for all the condos

  • Plan long term and reduce overstaffing risk

  • Eliminate vacancy factor resulting in higher gross and net revenues- marketing and broker costs, eviction costs, reduced administration costs, etc.


-Lower rental price

-Different people using premises instead of the same tenant

-Probably more use of pool and facilities than with typical long-term rentals

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