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Travel Wholesalers

"Travel Wholesaler Program"

The Travel Wholesaler Program is scheduled for launch November 1, 2021

Recently, Hospitality Representation LLC has made the decision to add travel wholesalers / tour operators and possibly some retail travel providers to our client base, with over 600 resorts, hotels, timeshare resorts, condominium communities, vacation rental companies, and other properties, the ease of providing inventory to the wholesale travel industry was a natural progression.

Members of our team individually have up to 45 years’ experience having held key positions and/or ownership interests in the industry with wholesale travel companies, major retail travel companies, resort ownership, vacation and travel clubs, and most aspects of the travel industry. We are strictly wholesale travel suppliers and will not compete with you in the retail market.


We work with some of the largest hotel and travel companies and as well as small management companies. We understand the business and the ins and outs of the industry, we can put that knowledge and resources to assisting travel wholesalers expand your business, increase margins, and efficiencies.

This is how can we help you:

  • Expand your product line with new locations and new properties in your existing locations.

  • No need to solicit properties or destinations individually, have one company work with you to help you select and provide new properties around the world.

  • Stand apart from competitors who use the same online resources that you may be currently utilizing.

  • Acquire bulk inventory in your most popular destinations at cheaper rates

  • Guarantee inventory for years at a time.

  • We own and manage our own inventory in some hard-to-get areas.

  • We introduce new locations to vendors at low prices

  • We are able to buy inventory in bulk for cheaper rates 

  • We are able to supply you with multiple areas around the world. 

  • We are able to lease at guaranteed rates either by the year or season. 

  • We can guarantee long term multiple year lease that will lock in your rate which saves you money.

  • We keep close tabs on new developments to secure inventory before the property is open.

  • We have developers that will build to suit in hard-to-get locations. 

  • We have trained representatives that are consistently bringing in properties to meet our client needs and maintain an ongoing relationship with each property.  

  • We also work with individual vacation rental owners and local property management companies to secure inventory in the upcoming vacation rental market.

  • We have one of the largest inventory client bases in the world.

  • We are able to exchange inventory with different clients.

  • We are able to offer last minute highly discounted pricing opportunities.

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