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Vacation Clubs

Wholesale Vacation Club Program

"Providing new inventory for your members with lower overhead for you"

Hospitality Representation LLC represents many of the Vacation Clubs in the USA to consolidate buying power and reduce administration costs. This allows our clubs to increase their number of destinations, as well as trade weeks, and centralization of payments. 


By consolidating inventory acquisition between clubs, our vacation clubs benefit from lower costs to obtain inventory as well as ‘extra’ inventory to meet their members demands.


Our inventory exchange program enables clubs to better meet members needs for those unexpected high-volume weeks. Our program and reps make it easier to request additional weeks from properties. If they are unable to help, Hospitality Representation works with the other clubs to ‘borrow’ or ‘trade’ inventory between them.


Administration costs and time are reduced since communications are simplified by having only one point of contact for all of your inventory needs and communications.


While our clubs are always able to contact the properties directly, Hospitality Representation assigns one representative to each property in order to maintain a strong relationship with that property. That eases communications and stress to our clubs.


Clubs make a single payment for all inventory. Hospitality Representation then automatically divides the payments and consolidates the payments of the various clubs in order to make a single monthly payment to each property, saving the property administration costs as well.


Hospitality Representation LLC's upcoming online ‘back of the house website’ will further ease communications and enable everyone to benefit from better service. This includes communications, resolutions, guest and member information, changes at properties, payment status’, lease status’, available additional inventory, inventory exchange requests, new programs, etc.

"Inventory Procurement for the travel industry   and increased occupancy for the hotel industry"

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