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Property Managers

Wholesale Vacation Club Program

Designed for  Property Managers to increase occupancy while raising revenue and lowering costs

Program Overview:

The Residential Real Estate part of our Wholesale Vacation Club Program now allows residential properties to take advantage of a unique customer base that was previously unavailable to them.

Hospitality Representation LLC has adapted our Wholesale Vacation Club Program to enable various residential real estate properties to be included in the program.
The growing trend of vacationers renting villas, condos, apartments, etc. for their vacations has enabled some properties to take advantage of a new type of customer.
This is a new market that is still in its early stages. Individual property owners have been able to enter the market through companies such as AirBnB, Homeaway, VRBO, etc. T
he lessons learned over decades in the hospitality industry have not yet been passed down to owners and managers of these ‘rental’ properties. Economies of scale also contribute to the lack of information being readily available.
Hospitality Representation LLC and our predecessor have decades of experience in the hospitality industry and have been able to assist some aspects of the Residential Real Estate industry in benefitting from these new markets.
Currently the only program that is open to this market are our ‘Wholesale Vacation Club Program’ and to some degree our ‘Representation Program’.
Contrary to hotels and resorts, residential properties have dealt with long-term rentals for decades. This makes the concept of the program much easier for them to understand. Basically, the WVCP is nothing more than entering into a long-term lease for a block of units to a corporation. Then, having an arrangement with that corporation for their employees and guests (in this case members) to be able to use the units on a weekly basis. This involves check in and check out, housekeeping and supplies. This ‘additional service’ becomes another profit center for the property owner/manager.
In addition to increases in revenue, overhead and risks are reduced. Once the property is accepted into the program, leases are signed for an initial 2-year period and renewals done about 6 months in advance for 2-5 year periods. Essentially, once a property is accepted, the relationship can become virtually permanent, as long as the property remains well managed and in proper condition. This eliminates vacancy factors, marketing costs, etc. Either party can elect not to renew or add more units to the leases.
Administration is effortless because your property is only dealing with one company rather than a different tenant for each unit.


Rent payments are made automatically by wire transfer or ACH deposit and well in advance: No more tenant defaults or late payments.
If the property also sells units or timeshares or has a rental program, added income can be earned as well, with no added marketing costs.
Hospitality Representation can also be instrumental in helping with added revenue sources and information normally only available to the hotel industry.

How this program can work for you:

  • Fill unoccupied units:

    • The program is designed to increase our clients overall profit. HR will assist you to determine how many units would be the most beneficial for you to include in the program;

  • Significant increase to bottom line profits:

    • Guaranteed added revenues from the program combined with some cost savings from various aspect of the program are designed to help our clients increase their bottom line!


  • Increase revenue from concierge services:

    • Member information is given to our clients in advance. Many clients choose to increase revenue by contacting them to offer concierge type services to also enhance their guest experiences;


  • Increase revenue from spending at property:

    • Increases occupancy means more guest spending money on site. Besides F&B and other typical revenue, this also may mean condo or timeshare sales. In those cases, you may not force a member to attend a presentation, but if they choose to and you sell them a unit, the revenue is yours. No commissions are expected by Hospitality Representation LLC.


  • Increase revenue by re-renting our unoccupied units and retain full revenues collected:

    • We notify our clients at least a week in advance of check ins. Occasionally there may be a last-minute reservation but rarely. If there are a number of units that are not indicated as checking in, we have no problem with our clients re-renting the units for that time. We still pay for the unit, so your added revenues are pure profit.


  • Easy cost control with same day check-ins:

    • Our weeks are based on a day agreeable to the clubs and the property. This enables our clients to schedule staff accordingly and save costs;


  • Property can request check Saturday to Saturday, Sunday to Sunday, or Friday to Friday check ins:

    • This will be clearly in the lease. If a member wants to check in or out on another day, the unit will be empty for the rest. There are no double check ins. One member reservation per week. 


  • Increase exposure without increasing marketing costs:

    • Our clubs must market our client’s property to their members in order to get their interest and use. This means free exposure to millions of members who not only may come as part of the club, but may refer friends or come at times without using their membership.


  • Repeat and referral business from members returning as future guests:

    • When a member is happy, they may return or refer;


  • Members can reserve extra days directly with the resort at normal property rates:

    • Members may only reserve in weekly increments. If they want to check in earlier or check out later, they must go through you. Since specific rooms are not required, you can take full advantage of this added revenue by using your inventory management to coordinate units. If a member desires to bring others that also need a room, if they are not members, they can not reserve a club room and must go through you. In either of these cases, the entire revenue is yours. No commissions are expected by Hospitality Representation LLC.




Some Considerations:

  • Lower Rental Price 

  • Different people using premises instead of the same tenant 

  • Probably more use of pool and facilities than with typical long- term rentals 

"Inventory Procurement for the travel industry   and increased occupancy for the hotel industry"

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