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"Increase bottom line and raise RevPAR"

Wholesale Vacation Club Program

"Increase bottom line and raise RevPAR"

Although most hotels and resorts concentrate on short term they are overlooking a major potential revenue source. We assist our clients by evaluating their inventory management and helping them adjust to take advantage of programs to help increase their bottom line and RevPar.

This program benefits Hotel and Resorts by increasing RevPAR and raising their bottom line by calculating the performance of their excess and least performing units to determine how many units they can incorporate in our program. 

By improving inventory management, a property may be able to free up units to put in our Wholesale Vacation Club Program that would earn considerably more revenue than they are currently producing.  

​​​Hospitality Representation does not compete with the resort for vacationers. The leased units are only used for club members. In fact, many members will want to stay for more than the week they are entitled to with their membership and will have to deal directly with the resort for any extensions at the rate you establish.

Payments to the resort are made automatically by wire transfer (unless requested otherwise by the resort) so that they are received AT LEAST 2 weeks prior to the start of each month. The resort is paid for the units whether or not they are used by Hospitality Representation.

Hospitality Representation leases the units on long term leases. The lessee is Hospitality Representation LLC, not the individual club members.


Most jurisdictions do not consider these to be short term rentals and are generally not subject to any sort of hotel tax. Check with your tax advisor. 


The concept is similar to a company leasing a condo by the year for the use of their staff or clients. 

"Helping our clients increase their bottom line"

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