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Hospitality Real Estate Program

"Increasing bottom line by caputuring growing Hospitality treads."

The growing trend of vacationers renting villas, condos, apartments, etc. for their vacations has enabled some properties to take advantage of a new type of customer.


This is a new market, one which is still in its early stages. Individual property owners have been able to enter the market through companies such as AirBnB, Homeaway, VRBO, etc.


The lessons learned over decades in the hospitality industry have not yet been passed down to owners and managers of these ‘rental’ properties. Economies of scale also contribute to the lack of information being readily available.


Hospitality Representation LLC and our predecessor have decades of experience in the hospitality industry and have assisted some aspects of the Residential Real Estate industry to benefit from these new markets.


Currently, the only programs that are open to this market are our ‘Wholesale Vacation Club Program’ through our ‘Representation Program’.


Contrary to hotels and resorts, residential properties have dealt with long-term rentals for decades but have little experience in working with short-term rentals. Our “Hospitality” Real Estate Programs are designed to help our clients take maximum advantage of this market and to obtain information generally only afforded to the Hospitality Industry.  

Hospitality Representation can also be instrumental in helping with added revenue sources normally only available to the hotel industry.

"Helping our clients increase their bottom line"

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