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Industry Representation Program

"Helping our clients increase exposure while reducing costs"

Hospitality Representation assists our clients through economies of scale in mass marketing and shows.


Hospitality Representation LLC provides 2 primary services for our clients: Local representation, and Representation at shows.


Local representation is done through our local area reps who can market in bulk. For example, our local area reps may contact wholesale and major retail travel companies to market our properties in multiple regions. This enables them to ‘get in the door’ to larger companies which have no time for individual properties or contracting.  At this time we only work in the Hospitality and Real Estate industries.


Shows and major Expos are one of the areas we are known for. It is difficult for individual properties, small groups of properties, and destinations to budget for all major and regional shows. Even when they do, budget constraints often result in less than ideal booth locations and limited design.


Hospitality Representation LLC helps our clients resolve that issue by combining resources and helping them increase their exposure to targeted masses and helping them become more effective.


The concept is simple. Hospitality Representation LLC attends trade shows targeted to best benefit our clients. We then lease large highly visible prime space at the show to attract attention. We set up areas of the booth that will feature each of our clients with their own materials and often in combined catalogues.


The booths are staffed with a team of professionals specifically trained by our clients themselves. Our clients may also send their own representatives as well. Our teams are generally multi lingual where needed and where we have local reps that know the culture, they will be a vital part of the team. They not only will work with attendees but will also train the other reps in pertinent local culture.


Our booths are professional and effective with up to date concepts that will benefit our clients. Raffles and other methods of obtaining mailing lists for our clients are employed.


Our team members are not permitted to receive any commissions or other perks so that they remain neutral.


Clients are carefully selected so as to avoid competition with each other, unless necessary for economies of scale in a specific show. In this situation we will discuss with our clients in advance.


Currently shows are limited to trade and public shows in the following industries or categories: Hospitality; Real Estate; Location specific such as an individual island or region;

"Helping our clients increase their bottom line"

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