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Program Minimum Requirements

Does your property meet the minimum requirements?

Wholesale Vacation Club Program

  • Two-bedroom, two-bathroom units are strongly preferred, although one-bedroom units may be acceptable in certain locations. All units must have a full kitchen, be fully set up and ready for members;

  • Units should have a sofa-bed in living room;

  • The property must be well maintained, in a location conducive to vacationers, have at least a swimming pool (unless on the beach), and be properly managed;

  • Units must be fully furnished and equipped with items such as appliances, kitchenware, towels, linens, WiFi, TV’s, Cable, air conditioned, etc. 

  • Size of the unit is not relevant provided they meet the guidelines. Smaller units are perfectly acceptable;

  • The unit must be delivered clean and ready each week;

  • Members must be able to use all facilities of the property, just as any other guest would be entitled to;

  • Properties must be in a location where we do not have any other property, or we require units in excess of what our existing properties can provide;

  • Type of property may be a hotel, resort, condo buildings/complex, apartment buildings, new development, etc. The property does not have to be full service but must be able to provide check in and check out service and someone local that is available in case of need;

  • Where the property is not a hotel or resort, a local property manager or rep is required to manage the units. In some locations where we take sufficient units, we will consider establishing an office if needed;

  • Units must be apartment style with separate bedrooms and a kitchen or kitchenette;

  • The units need not be exactly the same but should be similar enough to each other to be considered of similar quality;

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