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Occupancy Enhancement Program

"Helping sell unsold inventory. "

The Occupancy Enhancement Program finds creative ways to fill vacancies during off and slow seasons.

Hospitality Representation LLC assists our clients to increase occupancy where they need it most: during their slow seasons. Obviously, this is far more difficult and often not cost effective through normal marketing methods. This is cost effective when the costs are shared among many others that are not direct competitors.


Hospitality Representation LLC continuously looks for ways to effectively target off season guests. Some of our methods are unique and occasionally copied by others, but our team is creative and strives to find the best ways to assist our clients where they most need help.


As a company our goal is to help our clients increase their bottom line. We are less concerned with ego and more concerned with performance. Much of our team are former entrepreneurs who understand that long and short-term bottom line are what matters in the success of our clients. As entrepreneurs we look for creative ways to meet these goals.


Hospitality Representation LLC incorporates unique ideas and marketing methods together with the ability to contract for services by sharing those costs among our clients that desire to be in any of the programs. Often, they are not costs, but rather our having sufficient inventory between our clients to be able to enter markets that others may not have available. To put things succinctly, the bottom line is “THE BOTTOM LINE”!


Our Occupancy Enhancement Program is ONLY available to clients whom we represent on other programs. This is a difficult and time-consuming program for us and we can only accept new members as our reps get to know and fully understand our client and their needs and goals. This takes time.

"Helping our clients increase their bottom line"

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