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Wholesale Vacation Club Program 

Hospitality Representation LLC is currently seeking new locations for our members. 

Program Overview

The main focus of Hospitality Representation LLC is inventory management for Businesses in the vacation Industry. We are the inventory arm for the major vacation and travel clubs in the USA. With the Wholesale Vacation Club Program you can connect with vacation clubs to assure that even during your slowest seasons your vacancies are kept at a minimum.

We at Hospitality Representation LLC provide inventory to large scale vacation clubs as well as travel agencies, essentially allowing our clients to fill up their properties year round. Through our program we can even start planning years in advance.

Hospitality Representation works with the property to help them determine what inventory they can repurpose, earning additional income and cutting costs where possible to further maximize their benefits from the program and possibly other programs.


Hospitality Representation maintains the relationships and acts as a single intermediary. Each property is assigned a representative to always be there as a single contact as needed and to work with the property to help their unique business models. 

The relationships are designed to truly help each other and to look after each other’s needs. For example, if a property needs a week back to cover a conference or event where they are fully booked, they can contact their HR rep and we will try to arrange to release units back to them in exchange for some future units as needed. 

If a club needs more units during a specific week, HR will ask the property if we can lease more units at a prorated or other agreeable rate for that time. If the property cannot, then HR will work with our other clubs to arrange some ‘trading’ between the clubs for that property or properties in other locations. 

Hospitality Representation LLC is now expanding the program to more locations and will continue to do so over the coming years. We will generally only accept 1 property per location as long as they can meet the needs. If additional units are needed in the future, those needs will be offered to that property first. If they are not able to handle the additional requests, HR will seek an additional property to handle the added units. The concept is to maintain long standing, hopefully permanent relationships.

Locations depend on demand from the clubs. While some locations are obvious, many memberships have been in the family for multiple generations and are looking for out of the way places as well. Hospitality Representation will work with the properties to show the clubs the benefits of certain more unique locations. 

The Wholesale Vacation Club Program is dedicated towards connecting your property with Vacation clubs and travel agencies to keep your property full. This guarantees long term or maybe even permanent revenue from a new and unique source as well as an added exposure to millions of new travelers. 


The Wholesale Vacation Club Program can also give our clients an added opportunity to attract or construct more properties with guaranteed income.


  • No costs to you

  • Added exposure to millions of new travellers

  • Aftermarket revenue streams from referrals, extra nights and other services

  • Possible brokerage revenue

  • Ability to help us find properties and or manage properties for us, earning broker commissions from property owners

  • We prefer to only work with one property per location where possible

  • Offer added services to our members such as additional rentals, concierge, housekeeping, etc.

  • a guaranteed revenue stream of additional revenue you would not have otherwise had 

  • added exposure

  • additional aftermarket revenues

  • confidentiality

  • not competing existing contracts for short term rentals, etc.

Property developers can also benefit with the ability to help us find and construct new properties.

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"Inventory Procurement for the travel industry   and increased occupancy for the hotel industry"

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